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Product details of PTC-A3 – Electric Room Heater From Elegant Crockery

  • Safety Thermal Cut Off DeviceHigh EfficiencyHeating UtilizationEnergy SavingPTC HeaterKeep 100 sft or 120 sft warm during chilly winter seasonThere are two levels of heating 8502 watts and 1500 watts are available
About PTC-A3 – Electric Room Heater Miyako Electric Room Heater PTC-A3 is a box shape black color electric model with easy operating features. This light weight sophisticated designing model can be easily moves from one place to another. This is a perfect room heater size to keep 100 sft or 120 sft warm during chilly winter season.Let’s have a look some of the key features of this model. That will keep you warm and make comfortable to live in the cold season. Design and dimension Alongside solid base structure top of the head is use for control panel. Internal heater part is made of durable PTC ceramic and fan to give air all over the room. Total dimension of this model is 13 x 9 x 7. According to the dimension you can keep this model at your bed side of the room as well as office cabin. Total weight of this model is 2 kgs only and also have handle bar at the back to move the model from one place to another. Available features Due to have futuristic features with easy operating system demand of room heater is increasing day by day. Available features of this model are given below. Four in one: this is a four in one model of room heater that can be use any season of the year. During winter it will adjust the temperature up to your requirement as well as on the other time of the season can be use as normal fan. Overheat protection: electric heater can generate heat within short time. Therefore, it is very important to make sure about safety of the user. This over heat protection machine went to shutdown mood automatically if heat goes up. High Thermal Efficiency: This feature does make the adjustment of the room temperature according to the requirement and make the place comfort to live. 70 degree oscillation system: Due to have atomically oscillation system. This modern featuring model of room heater can cover all the corner of the room. So you can feel the heat from any part of the room easily. Safety PTC Ceramic Heating Elements: internal heating function of the heater is made of PTC ceramic. This heating element is not only keeping the heater warmer for longer time but also make the elements safe to use. Adjustable thermos: This is a system that makes the adjustment of the temperature according to the room temperature. If the temperature reaches the desire level then automatically went to the shout down mood or maintains the level of warm. Easy control panel: easy operating futuristic featuring control panel is given to make the adjustment of the temperature and time. One will help to set the running time and other one will be use for making to set the desire temperature. There are two levels of heating 8502 watts and 1500 watts are available. You can make use any of them according to your requirement.

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