Marketing and building brand awareness’s importance is obvious for every business owners regardless of their selective industry is. Whether you run a salon, bakery, coffee shop or provide services such as financial or accounting, you want your customers to know your brand name and a reminder that they can come towards you.

Firstly, marketing by using a billboard, tv advertisement, newspaper and etcetera is really expensive but business mugs are cheaper alternative for that.

To let you see for yourself its effectiveness, here are four reasons why you should develop a custom coffee mug with Elegant Crockery:

1. You Stand Out And Become Different From Your Competitors

Personalisation is an important aspect of winning over your competition in your industry. This is not only applicable to your customer service but also to your marketing and promotional pieces.

Standing out amongst your competitors will be possible with a high quality custom coffee mug created by a crockery company such as Elegant Crockery. The mug will serve as a positive and physical embodiment of the values, visions and missions of your business and give to your customers what they cannot receive from your competitors.

2. Useful Business Marketing

Marketing experts have quoted that in order for promotional branded products to have maximum impact to you, it needs to useful, long lasting, and appreciated by customers. A high quality custom coffee mug made by Elegant Crockery definitely fits all of this criteria.

3. Create Loyal Customers 

Thirdly, research have shown that 66% of people were able to remember a business because of their name or band in a souvenirs and 79% of them would most probably come to them for business again.

A well-made promotional item not only aids in retaining customer, but also help you gain new ones by changing their behaviour. A study in Britain shows people even swtihes brands or company because of free gifts.

4. Daily Visibility to Customers

All over the world, people are going on a coffee craze especially in the morning before starting their day. That’s why you should use your custom mugs to start their day and effectively put your brand in their mind. Let your brand be visible to everyone through your customized mugs.

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