The chronological order of pottery, starting from selecting the raw materials as well as the production. The stage through distribution and use to ultimate discard, can make a valuable contribution to archaeological research. The goal of the current paper is to invoke a synopsis and critical researching of the selective contribution of the physical sciences for the reconstruction and interpretation of this chronological order.

Although, In huge part through the submission of selected case studies. The aspects covered include the reconstruction of this technology used in pottery production, with a coordination of microscopy, radiography, and chemical analysis; the research of the extent of craft specialization and the order of pottery production.

Finally, the reconstruction of the distribution of pottery from its production center using thin-section petrography and chemical analysis, and the interpretation of these reports in terms of trade and exchange. The reconstruction of the consumer stage or the use to which pottery was laid out, starting from the study of surface wear, organic residues, and performance characteristics; and a through discussion of the reasons for the including of pottery and for the different technological choices used in pottery production.

Though and throughout, the merit of considering the overall environment, technological, economic, sociopolitical, cultural–ideological and historical aspects in which the pottery was made, distributed, and used has increased. The paper is concerned, almost-exclusively, with unglazed earthenware spanning prehistory through to circa 1500 AD

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