Deciding The Overall Concept And Theme Of The Event Or Party you’re hosting

To embark on, It is smart to decide the right kind of tableware based on the occasion and theme of the party or festival. Since you will be hosting the party, you need to first determine the theme of the party, and then you can start searching through your kitchen shelves for the right tableware or purchase new ones from a tableware company such as elegant crockery. You can then start working of setting up the table starting from the tableware matching with the occasion and decorations. 

For instance, for events and holidays like Christmas, it is indeed rational to choose flatware, tableware and decorations which are Christmas-themed. The most important thing in celebrations such as Christmas is the success of evoking the spirit of Christmas. You don’t want to splurge on unnecessary decorations or dinnerwares with Christmas trees, Santa Claus or Snowman printed on it because it can only be used for only Christmas. It is sufficient to just use tablewares with the colours of Christmas such as red, green or decorated with gold motifs. 

Know The Guests And Crowd That You Invite To Your Home

Knowing the guests and crowd that you invite to your home will give you the ease in choosing the tablewares that you should use for that specific event. For example, if the guests will decide your career or future for the coming years, you will want to make sure to impress them with the party. Elegant Crockery “ The Westminster” under the Festive Dining Collection will surely give the dinner an elegant and sophisticated touch. This collection of crockery can also be used when you’ll be hosting your first formal dinner with your future in-laws or relatives for instance. 

  • Elegant Black Matte Dinnerware
  • Elegant White Bone China Dinnerware
  • Pyrex Elegant Dinnerware

Now, if your have invited a mixed group of visitors – parents and their kids, family and friends or even acquaintances for a casual hangout, you should use porcelain tableware for adults and opt for melamine tableware for the kids instead of porcelain to spare the expensive tableware from such abuse.

Point Out The Tableware That Compliments The Cuisine You Are Serving

Of course, you want to match the dinnerware with the menu. Formal get togethers generally have more dishes scaling from the soup to the dessert, that means that formal dinnerware which has a typical five-piece setting is expected. Casual dinnerware usually has just 4 pieces to each set to account for the informality of the dishes being served.

It is essential for the food you are serving to match the tableware. Tableware should emphasize on form as well as function. Formal dinner courses would include dishes from entrees to dessert, which means five-piece formal tableware setting is desired. Formal dinners with a menu of salad, soup, main course and dessert will require a salad plate, a soup bowl, a dinner plate and a bread and butter plate. Casual Dinner generally has only 4 pieces in consideration to the numbers of courses served. Casual dinners only have tablewares consisting of a dinner plate, a salad plate, a cup and saucer with the dessert plate and soup bowl as optional items. 

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